Today we will talk about Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer parts and what kind of pressure washer parts you need to buy.

If you very own a house, then you probably have one of these effective Simpson 3100 PSI strain washers.

Homeowners commonly strain washes their homes each as soon as 12 months which allows you to eliminate all of the dust or mildew that grows across the house.

You truly want a satisfactory floor cleanser to get the process done.

Simpson 3100 PSI Pressure Washer Parts

Pressure washers are sturdy and sufficient to clean away dust, molds, and mildew

Of course, human beings commonly take their strain washers with no consideration due to the fact it’s simply hidden away there till it’s time to apply them as soon as again.

However, no matter how effective a pressure washer is, it needs to be maintained regularly, and its components changed once in a while as well.

That said, in case you very own a Simpson 3100 PSI pressure washer, understanding the extraordinary Simpson 3100 PSI pressure washer components will assist you to understand which one has to get replaced withinside the destiny withinside the occasion your unit malfunctions.

Which is the place where the Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer is used?

These are a number of the not unusual place Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer elements that you need to take observe:

1. Spray Gun

The spray gun might be the element that you’re maximum acquainted with due to the fact it’s far from the element that shoots out water.

Spray weapons are managed with the aid of using a cause as a way to shoot the water out while you press it. It is attached to the high-stress hose which connects it to the pump.

A proper spray gun will assist you to manage the energy of the water popping out of your unit.

2. High-Pressure Hose

As cited above, the high-stress hose is attached to the spray gun. It is what brings the water from the tank to the gun, and it’s additionally one of the elements that pressure water out of the tank.

3. Wands

Wands or lances as different human beings name them are the lengthy sticks that you hook up with the give up of your spray gun.

They are used to assist push the go with the drift of water in a single course, permitting sprayed water to have a greater effect on the floor you’re cleaning.

Pressure washing machine wands assist direct water to the course you’re pointing

4. Spray Tip

Spray suggestions move at the ends of the wands or lances. While a wand sprays water in a single course, it’s far the spray tip that concentrates it in an instant line to create greater stress at the go with the drift of water.

This permits you to attain similar distances while you spray.

Numerous spray suggestions permit numerous angles for spraying. All you need to do is pick the only one you want.

5. Ball Valves

The ball valves assist you briefly preventing the go with the drift of water while not having to close the complete unit off. This permits you to quickly transfer spray weapons and wands with ease.

6. Adaptors

Adaptors, likewise called fittings, are the connectors of the numerous elements of the Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer. They are used to attach the hose to the gun, the hose to the pump, or the spray tip to the wand.

That said, there are exceptional sorts of adaptors accessible to use relying on which elements you want to attach.

 Adaptors are crucial due to the fact they hold the pressure washer intact. Keep in thoughts that a wiped-out adaptor may also badly affect the relationship of elements.

7. Pumps

Lastly, the pump is what could push the water from the tank to the hose. It offers water as the primary quantity of stress with the aid of using pushing it out and letting it undergo the hose to attain the gun.

Without an awesome pump, the Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer won’t even work.

Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer parts in troubleshoot

If the strength machine of your pressure washer is fuel line or diesel, then the hassle is frequently with the engine.

To diagnose this hassle, begin the strain washing machine without connecting the high-strain hose, and in case your engine isn’t always throttling up.

Then it way that there may be a problem with the engine of your pressure washer.

Simpson Mega Shot Series MS60852 User Manual 2022

Check the Battery

If the engine of your pressure washer isn’t starting, you can have a battery problem. First, study the battery terminals of your pressure washer for any dust or free connections.

 Tighten the connections and take away any dust from the terminals.

 This guarantees the right waft of current. If the hassle nevertheless isn’t resolved, take a look at the situation of the battery.

You can use a battery tester for this. Charge if needed. If the battery is antique, update it. If you’ve got an older type, upload electrolyte if the extent is low.

Simpson 3100 PSI Pressure Washer parts
Simpson 3100 PSI Pressure Washer parts

Check the gasoline and clear out

If you’re nevertheless not able to begin your pressure washer engine, then withinside the 2d step, take a look at the gasoline and fill it to the best level.

Also, check out the gasoline clear-out. If it’s clogged due to any dust or pointless contaminants, then smooth or update the clear out relying upon its situation. Also, take a look at the fuel line tank, as that is the maximum probable culprit.

If you depart the gasoline for your pressure washer a few times, a part of the gasoline evaporates (awful fuel line).

The evaporated gasoline leaves at the back a few thicker debris which could clog the gasoline clear-out and carburetor.

 This can already manifest after some months. It can bring about your pressure washer stalling or now no longer starting.

 I advise draining the antique gasoline and changing it with a few sparkling fuel lines.

An extra truthful answer is to feature a few gasoline stabilizers while you plan now no longer to apply your pressure washer a few times.

Do now no longer neglect to feature it for your fuel line garage as well.

 Adjust the Unloaded valve

Suppose the engine of your Simpson pressure washer stops while you cause the spray wand and observe a few pressures at the pressure washer.

In this case, you want to study the practice guide for the advocated engine pace and alter the unloaded valve in line with the given specifications.

Examine the nozzle on the tip of your pressure washer and update it with the best nozzle size.

Sometimes after the use of the equal nozzle on exclusive surfaces at exclusive RPM ratings, the nozzle wears out, main to the pressure washer stalling.

What Can You Clean with Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer components?

The Simpson is an effective device constructed to take away heavy stains. We used it in step with its consumer guide on cars, windows, wood fences and decks, unpainted bricks, a grill, and driveways.

If you operate the right nozzle for the job, the Simpson can take care of any mild and maximum medium cleansing jobs.


  • It is a durable, dependable gas-powered pressure washer this is very flexible and may deal with maximum medium residential need.
  • However, this unit additionally has the capability for industrial use.
  • Its layout makes it a compact version that’s less complicated to keep than different gas-powered stress washers that weigh greater than a hundred pounds.


  • Because in their policies, you could just be affected person with their procedure of coping with gadgets which have malfunctioned or have damaged down completely.
  • Simpson Cleaning makes use of proprietary components so long as you’ve got the warranty, all components ought to get replaced via way of means of their provider centers.

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The Benefit of Simpson 3100 PSI Pressure Washer

Simpson licenses the Dewalt emblem call and sells a number of its devices with the Dewalt sticker. They’ve been doing this because 2009 – here’s the click launch giving the details.

 They additionally do the identical with Briggs & Stratton commercial electricity washers.

This is all of the extra purposes to shop for a Simpson. Dewalt and Briggs & Stratton may want to license their call to be used withinside the pressure washer vertical to anyone.

 Any organization might be fortunate to slap the stickers on their machine. But they each selected Simpson.

Because their crew of researchers, technicians, and engineers of their Licensing and Product Development Divisions determined Simpson to be as much as their excellent standards.

Easy to Use Simpson Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories

Simpson-pressure washer-owners-manual

Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer parts Manuals

In-intensity Owner’s Manual. The Simpson pressure washer Manuals are complete and consist of all of the facts you want for your Simpson pressure washer consisting of a way to perform it properly, a way to shop it well, and a way to carry out protection and troubleshooting.

Here is the whole listing of Simpson Manuals online. Be certain to examine it earlier than running your new toy.

OEM Replacement Pumps

 There are some alternatives to pumps you could purchase to update the authenticity if required. Simpson’s determined employer manufactures their emblem of pumps beneath heath the emblem name: AAA.

As a preferred rule axial cam pumps are changed now no longer repaired and triplex plunger pumps are repaired now no longer changed.

Pump Saver. Pump saver is a critical accent to can help you properly shop the pressure washer in bloodless climates and over lengthy periods.

You should buy it for around $10 at any electricity gadget outlet. It is going into the pump and stops seals from cracking.

O-Ring Kit

O-Ring kits are to be had for hose ends and wand connections. If you locate your Simpson pressure washer leaks it’s far maximum probably a cracked O-ring. Refer to your User’s Manual to locate the sort and length of O-ring you require.

Brass Coupler

To join your excessive stress hose or lawn hose to the pressure washer you want a coupler. The go-to for heavy-responsibility machines is a brass coupler.

Out-of-the-container Simpson comes with those however simply if you want a brand new one they may be to be had at maximum hardware shops and online at alternative components dealers.


In this article, we have knew about the Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer parts. And I think you have fully understood.

 That could absorb be dirt, grease, oil, and greater. Simpson makes long-lasting units, and they hardly ever ruin down.

The never-flat tires and strong body provide fantastic mobility and the attachments come up with a whole lot of versatility.

The owner’s guide is straightforward to recognize and the unit itself is straightforward to operate.

 If you’re trying to begin your very own business enterprise this version is a great entry-degree version, however, we’d endorse something with a piece of greater electricity to deal with your cleansing enterprise needs.

We desire we’ve protected all the essential factors in our Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer parts review.

If we haven’t pleased sense lose to write down your questions in our feedback phase and we can with ease reply.


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