When it involves the cleansing enterprise and strain washers, Simpson mega shot series ms60852 is generally on the pinnacle of the list. 

Simpson Mega Shot Series MS60852

In this article, you’ll see our pinnacle Simpson mega shot collection ms60852 opinions with an in-depth assessment of every product, a few data approximately Simpson, how Simpson compares with different brands, and more.

One aspect approximately the Simpson mega shot collection ms60852 is that the maximum of them carry out like commercial-grade ones (those which you see in expert settings) and great of all you could use them at home.

We will examine Simpson vs. different manufacturers that still promote stress washers. The manufacturers that we’ve selected to examine Simpson with are Green works and Generic.

Green works

As some distance as electric powered and smaller sized stress washers, the Green works GPW1501 is arguably the strongest.

There is an output popular of the device this is above its scale. At 1.2 GPM, it has a 1500 PSI stress rating.

 It is tremendously inexpensive, compact, and clean to apply because of its smallness. You can apply it to an excellent variety of surfaces with its numerous quick-join nozzles.

This pressure washer has a huge style of gadgets with to be had corded and cordless capabilities.


The Generic 7122 pressure washer operated via way of means of petrol, is well worth each penny. If you’re looking for a normal pressure washer this is as top as a professional pressure washer, your quest will quit with the Generic 7122 Speed Wash.

With a stress stage of 3200 PSI at 2.7 GPM, the exceptional forms of dust and filth in your walls, sidewalks, warm tub, and gutters stand no risk with this stress washing machine.


We gave you exceptional manufacturers that use electric-powered and gas-powered stress washers. While Green works is one of the high-quality for electric powered-powered ones, the Simpson electric-powered washing machine does small jobs truly nicely inclusive of decks, BBQ grills, and more.

The Generic pressure washer vs. the Simpson mega shot series ms60852 Pressure Washer (which is likewise on our pinnacle picks), it’s very clear which one is better.

The Simpson one boasts a Honda engine, a Higher PSI, and GPM, and does the process with ease. However, the Generic is lighter which will be a thing for less difficult transporting at the same time as doing a process.

What does the mean of Simpson Industrial Pressure Washer?

Simpson already has wealthy records of producing stress washers for the property owner and Dyer the entire manner via the expert cleaner, however, this new line has the industrial contractor in mind.

This business line presently sits at 7 fashions deep, starting from cranking out 2700 PSI @ 2.7 GPM to 4400 PSI @ 4. zero GPM.

The Simpson Industrial Pressure Washer Series is made withinside the USA and capabilities both Honda and Simpson engines with both AAA and Comet business pumps.

Select fashions function the brand’s Power Boost technology, which supplies extra stress on the nozzle.

Meanwhile, an outside unloaded and pass hose makes bigger the existence of the pressure washer at the same time as making preservation simpler.

Simpson Industrial Pressure Washer

These new machines come geared up with Simpson’s abrasion-resistant steel-braided hoses, which give higher sturdiness than a general rubber hose.

Some of the brand-new devices will include expert-grade spray weapons and side-help handles for higher control.

The Simpson Industrial Pressure Washer Series gives warranties as much as five years on the engines, as many as 7 years on the industrial pump, and 10-yr warranties on the frames.

Simpson believes that those new stress washers are the ideal suit for production sites, condo yards, oil fields, heavy-obligation paint prep applications, and another huge activity that calls for expert-stage energy and sturdiness.

How many causes due to damaged Simpson mega shot series ms60852?

The 3 maximum not unusual place approaches that pressure washer pumps get broken is via way of means of 1) cavitation, 2) via way of means of overheating of the pump due to the fact it’s far left in pass mode too long, and 3), wrong settings of the unloaded valve.


Cavitation is while bubbles shape withinside the water being pumped thru the pump. Since pressure washer pumps aren’t designed to function with bubbles withinside the water, extreme harm to the pump can arise while this takes place.

Cavitation can take place in any variety of approaches. When the water going into the pump is constrained somehow, or while the GPM of water going to the pump is much less than that required via way of means of the system.

For instance, if the pressure washer calls for four GPM of water deliver which will function correctly, and the water furnished to the system is most effective at 3.7 GPM, cavitation is probable to arise.

Another instance might be, if the water going to the pressure washer is furnished via way of means of a lawn hose this is too small in diameter or if the hose is just too long.

Lightweight hoses also can be a hassle due to the fact they now and then tend to kink up and close off the water delivery altogether.

In any of these scenarios, the water going to the system may be constrained too much less than optimal.

Other approaches the water may be constrained sufficiently to motivate cavitation may be grimy filters which are clogging up the water inlet.

Additionally, clogged inlet fittings limit the water glide whilst free inlet fittings leak and permit air into the lines.

To pick out whether or not or now no longer your pump has been stricken by cavitation, listen. Pumps generally get noisier while cavitation is occurring.

 If you pay attention to a banging noise or shuttering, you’ll maximum probable want to update the pump soon.


As we know Simpson mega shot series ms60852 is generally on the pinnacle of the list. Pressure washers are designed to function below stress. When you begin up a pressure washer and squeeze the cause at the wand, water comes out of the top of the wand below excessive stress.

 Water will keep popping out of the wand at excessive stress till you both flip off the system or till you launch the cause.

In pass mode, the water is redirected right into a non-stop round path. Since the water can’t get away, it continues circulating at excessive velocity and below excessive stress, looking ahead to the system to both be close off or for the cause to be squeezed again.

Overheating takes place while the pump is in pass mode for too long. The friction from the non-stop circulating water, below such excessive stress, reasons the water to warm as much as a completely excessive temperature.

 This can take place very fast. To maintain the pump from overheating, you need to ensure that the pump isn’t always in pass mode for greater than forty-five seconds at a time.

 Unloaded Valve

Adjusting the unloaded valve to the wrong settings for the pressure washer pump can bring about enormous harm to the pump.

All 3 of those not unusual places approach pressure washer pumps to get broken can, and could, motive irreparable harm to the pressure washer, and could lower the lifespan of the pump.

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My pressure washer will now no longer start

After ONLY 30 days of downtime, the gasoline for your fuel line pressure washer can also additionally flip stale. It is vital to usually stabilize your gasoline to save moisture from leaching into your gasoline.

Some human beings suggest that you drain your gasoline and this is a great method, however nonetheless leaves your stress washing machine prone to moisture infection for your tank and carburetor.

We suggest that you LEAVE your tank complete and use Ethanol Shield to save you moisture infection.

Most SIMPSON stress washing machine fashions have half of the gallon tank. You will want to pour half of oz. Ethanol Shield into your tank while the tank is FULL of fuel online.

By looking after your engine, you’ll enlarge its lifestyle and shield your investment.

My stress washing machine’s pump appears to be broken after simplest one season of use If you probably did now no longer winterize your pressure washer it may be that a few residual moistures for your pump multiplied in cooler months, inflicting tiny cracks for your pump.

Winterizing will save you any residual moisture from freezing, increasing and doubtlessly cracking valves, and sealing the inner pump.

You will want Pump Guard for each season thereafter. Follow your user’s guide for commands and talk to our “How to Winterize Your Pressure Washer” weblog for beneficial tips three.

Simpson Mega Shot Series MS60852
Simpson Mega Shot Series MS60852

 My pressure washer simplest offers me low stress.

Your SIMPSON can be running in low-stress because of an incorrectly sized nozzle or a nozzle that has worn out.

Always update any worn or damaged nozzles as they can doubtlessly be a protection hazard

ALWAYS use add-ons that are inside your stress washing machine’s PSI variety. You might be dropping stress due to the fact your accent is supposed to have a higher/decreased PSI variety than your device and might motive harm to your accent.

Be certain to test if the water is completely grown to become on and there’s sufficient water flowing via the pump.

Check your pumps clear out at the inlet to make certain no particles are blocking off the water flow. A hose this is vertical or too lengthy can also additionally put off water stress from arriving speedy sufficient.

My pressure washer is walking very roughly.

You can also additionally want to test your air clear to ensure that it’s miles clean of any particles; if it’s miles dirty, smooth it if feasible or update it.

You may take a look at your spark plug to peer if it’s miles worn or dirty, smooth it if feasible, or update it.

If it’s been some time since you closing used your pressure washer and you probably did now no longer use Ethanol Shield, your gasoline can be contaminated.

 This preventative upkeep component gets rid of then prevents ethanol-associated problems. It eliminates water, prevents corrosion, affords a clean engine beginning all year, and continues saved gasoline fresh.

If your engine continues to be walking rough, you can want to touch your engine producer for the closest legal engine provider center.

My pressure washer pump is leaking water.

If your pump is leaking water it may be resulting from the following:

If you allow your pressure washer to run for longer than 2 mines at a time it’s going to input into pass mode.

 In this manner that the water inner of the pump is usually flowing and heating up. When your pump is simply too warm it’s going to motivate harm and might doubtlessly crack. To save the pump from over-heating,

your SIMPSON is prepared with a thermal alleviation valve (protection characteristic simplest) to launch warm water while the pump will become too warm.

Be certain to show off your device in case you take breaks longer than 2-three mines.

If your pressure washer is leaking on the gun, wand, or nozzle it may be that your add-ons aren’t secured tightly sufficient. Turn off your device and make certain the whole lot is tightened properly.

My Pressure washer simply closes off at some point of use.

SIMPSON stress washers are designed to make certain you do now no longer harm the engine or any of the mechanical components.

Generally, the motive your SIMPSON stress washing machine simply close off is as it has run out of fuel line or oil.

ALWAYS take a look at the oil and fuel lines degree of your pressure washer on every occasion you propose to show it on.

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In this review, we gave our mind to the Simpson mega shot series ms60852. Three GPM, 3200 PSI strain powered through a Honda GC190 engine.

This budget-minded pressure washer is a long-lasting piece of the system that can guess washing mast you via many energy washing jobs.

Coming in at around 400-500 dollars, you can’t beat this cost for a long-lasting residential pressure washer. 3200 PSI is sufficient to ease any floor and a pair of.

Three GPM will permit you easy 1 and a pair of tale homes, decks, and driveways.

 It will take a long term in comparison to industrial-grade stress washers, and also you ought to be cautious of trying to easy whatever better than three tales with this machine.

The add-ons that include it, including the 25 toes of excessive stress hose and the wand, are sufficient to get you via all of the pressure washer jobs you want.

 If you need to perform a little critical washing volume, you’re going to want an additional $200-500 well worth of system in case you need to keep away from spending all day washing a residence and a driveway.

 This isn’t to dissuade you from shopping for the Mega shot, however, it’s miles to make you conscious that the use of this setup may be irritating at times.

With the right protection and use, we can assume house owners and amateur stress washers get many hours in this machine.

 It is unpredictable while it can catastrophically fail, however, we’ve visible customers get masses of hours out of the Simpson mega shot series ms60852.

Here is a short recap of who we suppose this pressure washer is for, and our normal reviews on it in a few quick bullet points.


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